Lauren Jarrett

Tractor Ventures

Hello! I'm Lauren and I am currently based in Brisbane, Australia. I have been a developer for just over 2 years and currently work as a full stack developer at Tractor Ventures working in Go and Vue and freelance on Upwork in my spare time. Prior to that I worked at Josephmark across the back-end for both mobile and web applications.

As a developer I love being able indulge my love of data and building systems that help you get the best insights out of your data. My work at a venture studio tends to be varied but recently has been included building out the back end, selecting and deploying application infrastructure, developing machine learning models or designing and implementating a data science strategy. I primarily program in Python & Javascript but am learning Go and am familiar with Ruby on Rails and Java as well. Feel free to have a look at my projects page to see what I have been building.

Prior to that I worked as a data analyst and loved telling stories with data. I worked across various industries including an internet startup in San Francisco, Banking and Finance, Childcare, Oil & Gas and Defence. My passion was turning data into insights and working with stakeholders to translate those insights into action. I have experience in data recovery, data cleaning, building data pipelines, building models and algorithms including machine learning as well as storytelling and dashboard building. I have worked in both noSQL and SQL databases with large datasets (10Gb+) and primarily in python For dashboards I have worked with both Power BI and Tableau as well as built custom admin pages.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing around with AI models. Lately this has largely been in AI and mostly focusing on computer vision and large language models. In my spare time you will catch me in the wild running on trails, relaxing at the beach, pet-sitting, learning french or reading.

Feel free to reach out via my contact page.